Hi babes, Tuesday, April 9th was a special day for all of us. The first ever Daily Bits + Bytes launched and many of you reached out with your congratulations and excitement for the new installment. Many of you also noticed, that on Wednesday, April 10th, there was no Daily Bits + Bytes. Today I’m here to report a few thoughts.

Launching new ventures solo is no easy feat. Especially when you think you’ve got it all under control, life decides to throw you a massive curveball that you did not see coming. While I’d like to expose the specific reasons as to why nothing was published yesterday, I’d like to leave you with this. Many times, we tend to overlook the strongest people around us. While we live our day to day lives, our closets friends, co-workers or even family members are experiencing something many of us cannot relate to: anxiety, depression and even thoughts of suicide. Yesterday, was one of those life curveball moments and I had to take a step back and be there for that special person.

It’s moments like these that make you reflect on life in general. Technology plays an integral part of everyone’s mental health today and while we become so engrossed with the life of others we see on social media, it’s what’s happening behind the screens what really matters. So today, take a moment to check in with friends, family members and even co-workers. A simple “How are you doing?” is all they need.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

We’re here for you. - CR

@falkyou 🍒 We’re a fan of Allison, and you should too, here’s why. Allison became a developer after a sudden life twist. Her father was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and while such news is hard to overcome, she channeled her energy into learning how to code. Her vulnerability in opening up about death has given her the power to also discuss taboo subjects such as Sex Tech and we’re all here for it. Allison, we thank you for your bravery in voicing your thoughts and opinions. Never stop being you,


On April 11, 1970, Apollo 13, the third lunar landing mission, is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying astronauts James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert, and Fred W. Haise. The spacecraft’s destination was the Fra Mauro highlands of the moon, where the astronauts were to explore the Imbrium Basin and conduct geological experiments. (1970)


BeyondNow is a suicide safety planning app that is convenient and confidential. The app puts your safety plan in your pocket so you can access and edit it at any time. You can also email a copy to trusted friends, family or your health professional so they can support you when you're experiencing suicidal thoughts or heading towards a suicidal crisis. (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety 

There have been countless books written about anxiety, but few have talked about the illness as a source for power in the way Sarah Wilson's new book about her own journey conquering her condition. In First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, the author draws from her personal experiences with chronic anxiety and the years she devoted to researching her illness to create a completely new outlook on living life with the disease, one that believes in embracing, not running scared from, the condition. Inspiring and insightful, this part-memoir, part-guidebook is the perfect read for anyone struggling with their own mental health.



THU APR 11 - 2019

Galetti is the highest-ranking woman at the company, and the only woman on the 18-person “S-Team” (short for “Senior Team”) that reports directly to founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Galetti is a tech veteran who had no HR experience prior to arriving at Amazon, says that her job is to make it easier for employees to do meaningful work.  (FAST COMPANY)

Fashion has its share of unicorns - but beauty seems to breed them faster, with brands routinely evolving from unknown start-ups to the subjects of blockbuster deals in the space of a few years. Why do beauty brands seem to grow so much faster? Here’s a quick guide to the magical world of beauty unicorns. (THE BUSINESS OF FASHION)

Instagram is for vacations. Facebook is for families. But TikTok takes us into the classrooms, airplanes, firehouses and fast-food franchises of our real lives. TikTok has arrived at a time when mobile devices are far more integrated into our daily lives and in which sharing from one, wherever you are, is a default behavior. (THE NEW YORK TIMES)

The company’s San Francisco-based Eureka Lab, which has been around for over five years, is where the jeans giant toys around with new ideas. This innovation hub is where Levi’s looks at past jeans designs, thinks about future ones, and then puts it all together. (FAST COMPANY)

Tens of millions of people use smart speakers and their voice software to play games, find music or trawl for trivia. Millions more are reluctant to invite the devices and their powerful microphones into their homes out of concern that someone might be listening. Sometimes, someone is. (BLOOMBERG)